Aug 19, 2009

Woolen Wand Pouch (Part 1)

Nothing will give your imagination a jubilant kick in the pants like witnessing the perfect combination of nieces and nephews at play. Our most recent family gathering was just that. It was deja-vu all over again as the kids got together and created an assortment of imaginary worlds in the very woods where I used to frolic with my siblings.
There were a great many "wands" and "swords" wielded as tremendous chase and battle scenes erupted both out in the woods and occasionally across my father's living room. In the aftermath I found over 15 sticks that had been carefully harvested from the ends of old, dry branches here and there throughout the indoor battlegrounds. (Strange how all these years later "wands" and "swords" are still made from the same materials, same trees even.)
Ah, but the battles have ended for the Summer.
Now that I'm back at home I find the fiber studio to be comparatively quiet, a bit too quiet actually. I guess I want to continue the great adventures in some vicarious kind of way. So, I've decided to make a stick pouch, excuse me wand pouch. And, when that's done I might just make a wand as well.
Above: Starting out with a strand of beads that were left over from Family Gourd Day. I've carded wool in a variety of colors together with a tiny bit of silvery blending glitz trying to pick up on the beads a little bit in the yarn.
Here I've spun up a small ball of yarn from some of the blended fibers. The beads have been strung onto this 2 ply. They will become the bottom fringe of the pouch. I'll have just enough beads to create a 2nd fringe somewhere else along the length of the project.
More pictures soon to follow as the magical, magical wand pouch progresses. (How exciting!)

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Sara said...

That is exciting! I love the colors and the beads add just the right whimsy to the wand pouch. Great idea!