Aug 29, 2009

The Shadow Knows

It took me two years to get here but, I'm finally tired of being out of shape. Turns out, spinning yarn on a treadle wheel ain't that great of a work out after all. The Treadler has settled most officially into sloth mode. I haven't always been the sedentary being that sits here typing at you now with my resting heart rate twittering away at 72 beats per minute. (Yes, I know, I know.) Back in the olden days I started nearly every morning with a four-mile run. Back then I had energy and endurance that would last throughout the day and, if memory serves, oxygen used to make it all the way up to my brain!

Alas, these old running shoes are the final vestiges of my long-ago-lost fitness. And, so far this weekend the only exercise I've gotten was creating the above shoe collage. (It was kind of tricky though as it is rather windy outside.)


If fitness running was so great why did I quit in the first place? Well, maybe it interfered with my knitting and spinning addiction. After all, in the time it takes to go on a nice long, slow distance run I could be knitting up a lovely wash cloth:

If you click on the washcloth you'll be transported to the free pattern courtesy of A Knitting Mountain
A tall glass of beer with a hearty handful of Fruit flavored Skittles: Maybe I stopped running when I realized I was only fooling myself believing that this unique food combination was rocket fuel for athletes in training. I remember I truly enjoyed the "carb-beer loading" portion of my old exercise regimen. (Seems that all serious training died shortly after that bubble was burst.) Or, perhaps I simply needed a sabbatical from good health and vitality and the opportunity to explore how it might feel to have been in a coma or a full body cast for an extended period of time.
Well, I've enjoyed atrophy and lethargy long enough. I ordered myself a new pair of Saucony Shadow 6000's with the roomy toe box, curve lasted sole, polyurethane construction... (my all-time personal favorite footwear for the supinator on-the-go.)
Yes! It is time to get crackin'... but not today, after all my new running shoes won't be here until next week. Why not just use one of the pairs of old Saucony Shadows in the picture? Well, they are worn out you see. If they're so worn out why did I keep them? Well, if we're going to start making those kinds of inquiries I will be here all day explaining all sorts of worn out and carefully stored objects around me and I don't have time for that! I need to use this training time I've set aside to create my own washcloth or dishcloth pattern and then I shall post it here later.


Sara said...

And you know I've *heard* that doing a great photo collage is really the first step in any exercise routine. DAMN! I knew I forgot to do something! :P

I'll have you know that I've gotten into the routine of tying and untying my shoes that are not walking shoes but have been used as such. Funny note- I had no idea my shoe laces were that long. That's a damn accident waiting to happen. :)

Els said...

Exercise-shmexiercise! Staying connected is HARD work! 'Course, if you really want to get down wid yer bad self, you can always head over to my blog tomorrow and Bollywood your chub away...