Aug 26, 2009

Ongoing Magic Wand and Pouch Project (Part 3)

I think the magic is wearing off. This is one obnoxious project! Above is the wand work-in-progress sculpted out of Aves two part apoxie. That stuff is fantastically strong! And, the wand is not my problem. But, it does measure 12.75 inches and, as you can see I've got a long way to go on the little holster pouch for it. Therein lies all of my frustration: Along with the fact I can't seem to take a bright, clear picture to save my life, I'm tired of crocheting 'round and 'round! And, I'm not halfway done yet. Also, I cannot get past the fact that once I'm finished noodling with this little bag on and on and on... what exactly will I have accomplished? Yep, a wand pouch. Yay.
Ugh, guess I'll twist in another row of beaded fringe on there and then I'm throwing down this tiny size 6 crochet hook (what was I thinking?) and switching on over to bity size 1 or 2 knitting needles for a change of pace. (Like that will speed things up.) Knitting 'round and 'round does sound like a delightful respite. And, I can bask in the pleasures of being a pattern-free sort of person. You're supposed to do whatever the heck you want. Whatever happens I'll take a poorly lit picture of it and post it here.

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