May 31, 2009

Sugar Plum Witch

Firstly, a reminder about the dramatic finger puppet contest that is going on right now! If you have yet to enter click on the link below and do so before June 20, 2009 or forever live in a saddened state of what might have been:

I have to say, as I read all the heart-wrenching finger puppet entries I really wish I were Oprah. What a momentous and historical ending it would be to announce, "Everybody look under your seats! You are all going home with your own fingerpuppehhhhhhhts!" Then I would sit back and enjoy the tearful jubilation that ensued.

But, alas I do not wield a level of power so fantastical as to change everyone's life in one magnanimous swoop. There can be only two lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky winners. And, as the deadline draws nearer, if you find yourself loosing sleep over the flurry of excitement surrounding this event please know you are not alone. The burden I carry knowing that this contest will forever change two peoples lives weighs most heavily on my shoulders. It's a real finger nail-biter.

Well, onto a lighter topic: I finally sculpted a new needle felted doll. I take this to mean that my ear flap hat-making obsession has crested. (Truly, its seduction was a reign of terror from under which I am happy to burst forth.) Now as soon as the finger puppet contest is over I will once again be able to enjoy a completely stress-free life.

Regrets? No. Who has time for them? It is only by facing such challenges that we learn of the stuff of which we are made of. And, speaking of such stuff of which I speak, (wool) I confess I did have a moment of weakness in the midst of all the ear flap fervor where I (inadvertantly) ordered yet another 15 lbs of fiber. But, that is a story for another time. (As it has yet to arrive I can still enjoy a brief period of denial.)

May 18, 2009

The Great Procrastinator's Freebie CONTEST

This month I am proud to say I’ve finally opened my Etsy store, from start-to-finish a feat that only took me two years to accomplish. I spent that time creating and forgetting elaborate passwords for my account and procrastinating what I perceived would be the tremendous hassle of making a shop banner. Well, mission accomplished! Whoot! (Now I just need to get some stuff in there to sell.)

What is this contest about? A few days ago I had an epiphany: Nobody I know makes unique, labor-intensive woolen, hand & needle felted finger puppets just for grown-ups! (How’s that for specific? Have I found my niche at last?) You can well imagine my enthusiasm only 2 years after creating an Etsy account and in time for my grand opening to be struck with a brilliant idea such as this one!

So, how can you win your own one-of-a-kind woolen grown-up, hand & Needle felted finger puppet?

To enter simply comment to this post by creating a name and personality for the finger puppet you’d like me to make for you. On the first day of Summer, June 21st, 2009 (what we here in Wisconsin call the last day of Winter) I will randomly choose a winner from all those who commented. No doubt the response to such an opportunity as this will be overwhelming! I will then proceed to create the woolen finger puppet of that winner’s dreams and swiftly mail it out.

But, that’s not all! There are TWO WAYS TO WIN! That’s right, I will also choose my favorite entry and make that person a finger puppet as well! Imagine the joy and satisfaction you might feel having your own personalized finger puppet delivered straight to your door. And, imagine the ensuing hours of puppetry fun that just might be yours to enjoy either by shear luck or due to your ingenious response below. The last day to enter is June 20, 2009 so act now!

To learn of the name and personality of the above character click on the picture. You'll be transported to her description.
Sincerely yours,

The Treadler
Fine Clothier to the Discerning Finger

May 5, 2009

The Land of Unfinished Projects

If knitting needles were a treasure and I were a pirate I'd have to dig one heck of a hole to bury my bounty. Sadly, the hole would have to be extra big to support all of the unfinished projects that reside on so many of these various circular, double pointed and straight needles.

The above picture is a little shirt I started for a little doll I never made. I just wanted to see how the painted roving spun into yarn and then played out in a pattern. Once that question was answered I took the picture and set the project aside. That was over a year ago. This little shirt and needle now reside in a wooden box with a myriad of similar unfinished but answered questions.

Well, the box is now full (this pirate's treasure chest overfloweth). While some might tackle the situation by sorting through the malay and making those tough decisions about what to finish and what to rip out I'm thinking it might be best to simply draw up a map and start digging. If that sounds wrong to you please note I said, "start digging". I'm sure there's enough room in the wooden box for an unfinished treasure map.