May 5, 2009

The Land of Unfinished Projects

If knitting needles were a treasure and I were a pirate I'd have to dig one heck of a hole to bury my bounty. Sadly, the hole would have to be extra big to support all of the unfinished projects that reside on so many of these various circular, double pointed and straight needles.

The above picture is a little shirt I started for a little doll I never made. I just wanted to see how the painted roving spun into yarn and then played out in a pattern. Once that question was answered I took the picture and set the project aside. That was over a year ago. This little shirt and needle now reside in a wooden box with a myriad of similar unfinished but answered questions.

Well, the box is now full (this pirate's treasure chest overfloweth). While some might tackle the situation by sorting through the malay and making those tough decisions about what to finish and what to rip out I'm thinking it might be best to simply draw up a map and start digging. If that sounds wrong to you please note I said, "start digging". I'm sure there's enough room in the wooden box for an unfinished treasure map.

1 comment:

Sara said...

Well lord knows you could be finishing these projects when people are working from the road. :)