Apr 27, 2009

Jury Rigged ~ Clemes & Clemes Indian Head Spinner / Flyer

Mmmmmwwwhhhaahahahahah! At last, I have a novelty/bulky/art yarn spinning device in my clutches. Now, the fibrous mayhem can begin in earnest! This flyer head set-up with ginormous bobbin should be able to handle a hearty woolen concoction or two. I'll do a better job of mounting it one day but, for now, I'm not messing with success. The uptake is great and the spinning is smooth.

It's a Clemes & Clemes flyer and bobbin that I believe was produced in the 1970's when hand spinning was enjoying one of its revivals. Clemes & Clemes designed this wooden wonder specifically for use on old sewing machine treadle frames. Why? Well, sewing machine treadles are one of the most abundant antiques around. Cast iron really withstands the test of time. I've heard it called the Indian head Spinner as it may have originally been primarily intended for the creation of thick Navajo weaving yarns. As for my uses I wanted a contraption that could wind on all kinds of crazy foreign objects like big beads, silk flowers/leaves, and stuff I might find in the junk drawer...you know objects that cry out, "Put me in your knitting yarn. I want to be part of a woolen ear-flap hat!" I'm guessing that bobbin can hold close to a pound of wool. I won't be able to hang my skeins to dry from the chandelier any longer. They'll be too hefty. YAY!


idyll hands said...

I want one!!! That is very cool.

Anonymous said...

I love your Clemes and Clemes. Your wool scultures are "to die for" and I can't wait to see your art yarns.

Becka said...

That is so cool! I have never seen one and I am totally fascinated. Do post pictures of whatever you spin!
-- Becka