Apr 19, 2009


I joined a gnome makers group on Ravelry.com then dove directly into a Spring Gnome Exchange. Look at what came to me in the mail last week! If the above isn't proof that hand crafted gifts are the best then I don't know what. Check out those hand spun bloomers. They feel like alpaca. (As a textile addict I always have to feel and touch everything.)

The below picture is just for fun. My avatar is introducing my giftie gnome to her new surroundings. I took this photo to perpetuate the myth that I live in a fantasy world surrounded by and always talking to woolen dolls. Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm actually very serious and scientific about my passion. As you can plainly see from the photo these two are deeply engrossed in a wheel-to-whorl ratio discussion. (Let's be very, very quiet and try not to disturb them.)
I'd like to emphasize that Dawn made me a gnome just loaded with fantastic and tiny details. A great many time-consuming embellishments were given to this character. Every time I pick up this doll I discover something new. But, that's not all, I received this lovely batt (below) of spinning fiber as well! What a perfect extra surprise from one hand spinner to another. If you click on the below picture you will be transported to Dawn's etsy shop where you can see beautiful examples of her art and novelty yarns.
She also sent me a spice blend of seasonings that are popular in her area and a rich, deep, dark chocolate bar. (note: due to a previous engagement chocolate was not available for photo shoot.)


Sarah said...

Oh she's darling. I love treats in the mail! Your work amazes and facinates me!! What a wonderful imagination you have - looooooove it. I have done sooo mny things - art and craft wise over the years, I have never tried this one! Best left to you experts I'm thinkin'.

The Treadler said...

Actually Sarah, I believe you would create beautiful dolls!

My gnome swap partner said that she really wasn't a dollmaker and, WOW!