Apr 9, 2009

Gnome Swap / Alchemy / Spindle Sticks...

Cornelia Kandeykorn
My noggin' has been cranking out some serious headaches of late. While I normally ascribe to the "no brain=no pain" philosophy I have to admit these little throbbers have been getting to me to the point where I almost believed my wool addiction was suffering, perhaps even falling by the wayside. Surely I have not been feeling myself and subsequently have not been able to spend every free moment playing in the fiber lab. (I can no longer call where I live a home).
Well, at least I thought my fiber abuse was waning until I looked into my camera and realized there's been a heck of a lot of nonsense going on in spite of my reduced faculties. I just finished the above gnome for a swap. I had to play with wool to do that. And, I had to join Ravelry to join the Gnome Makers group to get involved with the swap. If you are not yet familiar with Ravelry it truly is the ultimate F.A.H. (fiber addict headquarters).
Somebody dyed 4 lbs of wool while I was in pain from the neck up. My personal diary appears to indicate that it was me. That is my handwriting and my trademark technique of stapling samples of wool along each and every page of my personal diary.
And, at an especially low point, I seem to recall feeling a bit too weak to rise up from the couch and sit behind a spinning wheel. Apparently The Treadler became her own trusty side-kick The Spindler for an evening. I've been wishing and waiting and hoping for my spouse to become the trusty side kick but so far this addiction has eluded him. I'm starting to think he has immunity (although I prefer to think he simply hasn't developed his super-powers yet).
Well, as soon as these headaches subside I'm going to dive right into my long-anticipated mid-life fiber crisis. I can't wait! A spinster's mid-life crisis is truly something to behold. After years of spinning smooth, even threads I intend to become a Yarn Hellion. But, more on that next post.

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