Aug 20, 2009

Magic Wand Pouch of Wool (Part 2)

As per yesterday's post I'm a middle-aged spinster woman (the kind of spinster that spins wool, not to be confused with spinsters of the olden days: 19 and still unmarried) who's in the middle of making a wand pouch. Good thing I'm capturing all of this in a web log eh? Anyway, dilemmas abound. From what research I was able to conjure up a wand's length can vary and may or may not be relevant to the height of the wand wielder.
Now, I'm referring to myself as 'wielder' here because I'm just noodling around with a small crochet project for fun and the last thing I need is a new nickname. What I don't want is to somehow take on the title of 'middle-aged spinster-witch'. That's the kind of cruel label that can stick to a person and cause all kinds of inner turmoil leading to the development of a nervous cackle or worse, a large and unruly cat collection.
With that said I am thinking that my wand pouch should be about a foot in length. Why? I need the pouch to hold a 13" wand. Why? because if I make the wand any longer I'll have to make the pouch bigger and it only measures 4 inches now. I am willing to continue to crochet 'round and 'round if I can say that I'm officially 1/3 of the way done at this moment. Anything less and I shall grow despondent. More updates to follow. (Yahoo!)


Els said...

O Woolgathering Crone of the Northland, dost thou already own said wand? If not, I happen to know (too well, as she is me) someone who might be talked into making you one T'will be carved of wood and incorporate one of my divine and rarified collection of exotic whiskers or scales as the heart thereof. No cost to you but glad tidings my direction. But then, you may already be the proud possessor of a wand, in which case, cast something wickedly delicious my direction!

Crone of the Northwest

The Treadler said...


I did start a wand but, what fun it would be to trade wands eh? If you are agreeable to this I need a wand that can hold up against an army of powerful nieces and nephews.

Click on the "contact me" button on the right column at top of this blog and we'll exchange details.