Jul 10, 2010

Death Warp

I have hundreds of pairs of knitting needles. Consequently,  I have zillions of unfinished knitting projects. But, there is room for only one 8 harness floor loom in my house so, there can be only one unfinished weaving project at a time threaded throughout this contraption and residing therein...and gumming  up the whole works until it is woven off and...o.k., o.k.  THIS IS A GOOD THING.

I realize and understand that if every unfinished knitting project I had were to take up 8 square feet of space in my home I would have to sleep in another country. While I'm new to this weaving thing I can already say it will make you finish a project! You don't start a new one until the old one is off that loom.

And yet...

I just measured out 7 yards of lustrous 20/2 silk warp threads at 30 ends per inch to make three  9.5 inch scarves. Then I painted that warp (after securing "the cross" and tied off the odds and the ends and then I took it off the warping board and soaked it and wrung it out and laid it out...)
I painted my silk warp in pretty, pretty colors! I wanted to recreate the colors of the northern lights as I like to think of them...

Isn't it lustrous? And, isn't it sad how it just hangs around with nowhere to go? Alas, that's because a fine, old, cotton, shadow weave project is still on the loom with a good 4 whole tea-towels to weave off yet before my precious  honkin' ginormous cherry wooded loom monster beauty is free to take on the silky warp that is all dressed up with no place to go.

I see what is going on. I have to grow up now. The Treadler has to finish what she starts before she can start the new thing she wants to get underway. I HATE THIS!


Smart Ass Sara said...

oooh...that's pretty! It would make a great scarf....

And I want you to know I finished my SECOND scarf and I needed no assistance tying the ends off. :) I? Am officially hooked! I am going to see if I can find a pretty new yarn or something to do like a summer scarf to match a shirt I have.... and then I'm going to attempt the scarf you sent me a link to.

AND...with my yard sale earnings? I'm going to buy a bigger one of the thingies you gave me. I am SO excited!!!!

Ayala Art said...

Hi, I have an award for you here!