Jul 25, 2010

Feelin' Groovy

And, here she is! My painted silk warp, the very one I've been yearning to finally harness onto the loom and she (for certainly this warp is too pretty to be a boy)  is, at last, settled in and ready to be woven! I threaded in three long scarves worth of hand-painted silk! (Oh how that painting process took forever).

The previous project hung around for a bit too long. But, I'm actually quite pleased with the 12 shadow woven cotton towels that I had to buckle down and weave off  in order to free up my lovely cherry wood floor loom, old "Betsy", old "Cinnamon Sticks", (not sure of a name yet) in order to move on with my silk project.

Moving on... here's that hand painted silk warp (that was shown above) interfacing with the snow white silk weft (that is shown below) creating an "undulation". Wow, that certainly is pretty groovy.

Throwing the shuttle a few hundred times and I'm starting to feel inspired!

Do you see the wefty-wavy-gravy playing with my hand painted color changes?

How about now?

Can you see it now?

I think I was meant to paint and weave pure silk only. (This could be a problem as it is intensely expensive and I do have a great abundance of cotton at my disposal just at the moment.) What is the Treadler to do?

Keep on groovin' I guess.


Roseanna said...

Oh, you have my heart stopping! Just glorious, you look like you are having such fun with this...beautiful work.

Smart Ass Sara said...

OOH--- that is super pretty! :) I bought even BIGGER looms for knitting. I'm scared because I have no idea what the balls I'm doing, but I'm excited to try it this weekend!

Clare said...

Wow, this is amazing and must be fun to weave. I love the dish towels too, are they twill? Thanks for following my blog, it's great to have some interest. I have some new projects on the go and will be posting some pictures once New Year family visits are over!
Clare (FlaxandFleece)