Jun 13, 2010

I'm in Love with My Loom

When I was in the 6th grade I would sit in my room and listen to Queen's,  A Night at the Opera over and over and over again on my record player. I loved Bohemian Rhapsody. It was very popular at the time but, my most favorite song on the album was The Prophet's Song. (That one would get stuck in my head for days on end.) The first concert I ever  went to was Queen at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City and, I remember, Billy Squire opened the show.

So - well, a few years have passed. Ouch, and yet not so bad actually. I prefer where I am to where I was in the 6th grade. It can be a bit like digging up an old time capsule though,  to pull out the music of one's childhood and really listen to it again. Strange how that special music can take me back just like the smell of lilac blossoms or a freshly mown lawn can send me somewhere far distant from where I am in the present moment. While I think it is best to stay right here in the wonderful now of living the life that is before me I have to admit it surely can be entertaining to go all the way back to revisit the distant memories of a 6th grade self. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a few songs can be worth... (I don't know what. I can't seem to put it into words.)

Let me get down to what I'm trying to convey here. There is a song on the album that I never fully understood. The sixth grade girl listening to A Night at the Opera did not get the same things out of the album as she who is writing you today.  The sixth grade listener never appreciated, "I'm in Love with My Car" The joy of that tune eluded me....until now.  I'm in love with my 8 Harness Loom. Oh yes, now I get it. I can fully appreciate the love for an inanimate object. And, poor Claxton has noticed this and recognizes it to be true.

He recently said, "I see now that you have this floor loom you don't need me any more."

As I expect the condition to be a temporary one I totally denied his claim. After all, 8 harnesses of cherry wooded magical wonderment cannot totally overpower one forever can it? Certainly I will recapture a perspective that prioritizes Claxton over this amazing Loomcraft 40", 8 shaft, floor loom with 12 treadles and the power to weave an intricate number of threads-per-inch into a vast assortment of majestic, cohesive fabrics of colorful blissfulness...yes? I'd like to think so. Here are a few pictures of my first projects. I'm making dish towels.

Shadow Weave. YAY!

I hate the thought that someone might read this and say, "Oh that poor, poor Claxton."
Please keep in mind that we are in the month of JUNE 2010 and the World Cup is at a fever pitch and will be going strong for many days to come. Truly I tell you Claxton has forgotten that we even have a honkin' giant loom in the livingroom. He is somewhere in Africa shouting, "GOAL!!"

Oh yes, and we have blossoms on the tomatoes! (The below is proof that I do go out-of-doors.)
Happy World Cup Everybody!!

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Smart Ass Sara said...

Wow- those look AMAZING!! Matt knows when I walk into a scrapbooking store I'm only temporarily unfaithful. He doesn't understand how I can be so attracted to paper but he knows the instant he's lost me just from the look of my eyes.