Feb 24, 2009

Wool Overdose

So, there I was quietly spinning,
with a group that was doing the same,
when down sat a girl with a bag full of wool,
and, truly that bag is to blame.
For in it were such lovely fibers.
That bag contained all shades of green.
I thought, "If this were mine to work with,
I'd knit a nice 'meadowy' scene."
So, we talked about methods of dying,
and sources where wool could be got.
I left with leads on a new dealer,
and big plans for my old crock pot.
I should have known then there'd be trouble.
(The LAST thing I need is more wool!)
But I promised, "I'll just buy a little,"
(Said while twitching and starting to drool).
The next part is hard to remember.
This truly is worse than it sounds.
In a two-minute on-line transaction,
I (somehow) procured 15 pounds.All I need now is one secret panel,
leading to hidden storage...a lot!
At the very least there is no doubt in my mind,
I'll be needing a bigger crock pot.

The End

Each individual bag in the arranged "ensemble" (nice word for what has happened here) contains enough fiber to knit a hearty sweater, if I were one for knitting sweaters. I'm especially fond of this beautiful cinnamon brown. I expect there will be a great many doll projects to post in the coming months.


Sara said...

Holy crap, Teresa!!! That is an OBSCENE amount of wool. (I say this as I am hiding my paper and ribbon stash under my bed...) I expect to see new projects on here weekly! :)

Sarah said...

Oh I am drooling!! I just started dying my own - I love the brown too!!! Yes - I have several hiding spots - full of paper, clay, paint.... My husband could not figure out what I needed 120 new colored pencils for - I will use every one!!!!! Have fun with all the wool - can't wait to see what you create!!! Sarah

The Treadler said...

Perhaps I can use the wool to build another room onto the place (then I can purchase more wool to fill the room that is made of wool).
Yay!I think this could mean I don't really have a fiber problem at all.

gnomegarden said...

You are so funny!!! It's me, your gnome partner!
Great score!!!!
Do you know how to dye in your oven?? It's the method I use to do big amounts-- Check out here
http://www.helloyarn.com/randomdyeing.htm and/or here http://dianemulholland.com/blog/?p=378
Let me know if you have any questions... I am in the middle of dyeing about the same amount right now gearing up for Md S&W!.

The Treadler said...

Hi Dawn!
It did cross my mind that, if I made you a 14 ft tall "gnome" for our exchange I would have room on my shelves to incorporate this new stash of wool.

Also, what wonderful stitch markers you create, and such a variety!
Now I must go read about how I can claim the oven for wool.

Skeleton In My Closet said...

LOL...you are a hoot, Teresa! Hey! That looks sorta' like a (weird) Irish Setter at the top of your stairs! hehehe...


The Treadler said...

Oh Josie! Your "Chickie's Wild Ride" is fantastic!! What a fun piece!