Feb 18, 2009

Seahorse Carousel Bag

The above picture shows the fiber I've blended (wool, wool and sparkly blending glitz), the 2 ply yarn I've spun, and the assorted beads that have been strung onto the yarn which was then overspun again at the spinning wheel and then wrapped around a nice even stretch of cardboard.

Here's a closer picture of the cardboard wrap. There is a lot of excess twist in that yarn. Look at the top edge of the cardboard. Each bead is separated by its own wrap around. Now to crochet across the top of that cardboard edge to keep all of that excess twist from escaping at either end of the line-up.

Once a few rows have been crocheted the cardboard can be removed. Each wrap twists back upon itself trapping the bead in place and creating a fringe that is the length of the wrap. Using this method I can make extremely long or short fringe by altering the size of cardboard used.

This bag is for my very lovely, almost 10 yr. old neice. (Happy Birthday Isabella!) Fear not. There are no actual sea horses involved in this project. I'll post a final picture when it's completed and ready for gifting.


Sarah said...

Oh this is lovely!!! I adore the seahorses!! Lucky girl!!!!!

Sara said...

I love these seahorses! I MUST have some.. where did you get them???

The Treadler said...

Let's see, if I recall correctly it was not that long ago that I confessed to you how my terrible fiber addiction led me to impulsively purchase 15 lbs of wool.

Was it not you who replied, "That's so messed up! What if crack were on sale, would you buy that?" Mmmm?

Now you want to know who my bead dealer is.

Each tiny seahorse was individually hand crafted and finely detailed from only the finest...(bead sale at WalMart)

Anonymous said...

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