Feb 12, 2009

Knitting In the Dark

My latest project was quite straightforward and easy but, very important to my long term goals. I knit most of this simple scarf (at left) without looking.
It is the not-so-secret wish of every fiber addict, and here I'm speaking specifically to those whose method of fiber abuse is knitting, knitting, knitting, to develop the ability to do so with one's eyes closed or without having to look at the row at hand.

Why? Well, you'd no longer have to wait for movies to come out on DVD. With the ability to knit in the dark a visit to the theatre with family or friends wouldn't represent a 2+ hour period of withdrawal.

You could knit in the dead of night when concerned loved ones think you are sleeping-no telltale head lamp or flashlight to give you away. Who knows, perhaps this ability would lead to the ultimate achievement: the capacity to knit while sleeping.

Well, it's not for me to convince anyone. You're either addicted to knitting or you're not which translates to you either get it or you don't. At this point in my life it became imperative that I learn to knit without looking. Now I can knit under the table at dinnertime. Now I can knit without having to look under or over my glasses (I can remain in denial about needing bifocals).

Now I can knit in dangerous places where constant vigilance is vital to my survival. I'm thinking of places where balls, bats, batons, mallets Frisbees, etc. can come hurtling my way. What if I'm ever asked to keep a look-out or help on a stake-out? Now I can do so while knitting. A more likely scenario: this ability will help me to appear to be paying attention during PowerPoint presentations. (I fervently believe a knitter can pull that off better than a non-knitter as we are able live vicariously through what our fingers are doing.)

Mostly, I just want to be able to enjoy subtitled movies again.

A word of caution, this technique is not for when you are using the hard stuff. If you've spun some fine gossamer thread, if you've incorporated half a pound of seagull feathers into a woolen novelty yarn, if you made a fingering weight out of some mystery fluff you collected that time your son's pillow exploded, well, save those yarns for when you plan to peek at your work!

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Sara said...

too funny! I can say that I can crop any photo and cut just about anything by using my eyeballs and NOT a ruler of any kind. I feel like a circu act when I scrapbook with other people though. :)