Sep 19, 2009

Free Goldfish Wash or Dish Cloth KNITTING PATTERN

Around my neighborhood we have a little something called "East End Day". If you live in the East end of this city then it is best you know that on one special Saturday every September there will be hundreds of people walking up and down your street looking for garage sale bargains.
For us East End Day usually meant, "Day to  leave town and go camping."
One dark year it turned into, "Time to buy lots of stuff my neighbors are trying to get rid of and bring it home to mix in with all the stuff I should be getting rid of."
To Claxton this year's East End Day was a time to turn inwardly, asks the big questions then turn to me and say, "Let's admit we will never use that 50 lbs of candle wax we're sitting on in the basement." An aside: We used to make sand candles with the kids on our weekend camp outs. (Good times eh, Teal? Now, don't you roll your eyes at me.)
And ever sinse I burned the neighbor-lady's retinas I don't need 500 canning jars for my super-spicey hot salsa recipes. She was trying to hang her laundry and her clothes line was down wind of our kitchen window where I was busily canning my own eyes out.  My triple batch of salsa steaming on the stove top caused everyone some optical difficulty for which I am eternally apologetic. (I solemnly vowed to Claxton that I was done with canning. And he was fine with that because he only likes fresh or frozen garden veggies anyway... But, I digress.) Time to sell the canning paraphanelia.
So, Claxton's on a roll with this garage sale opportunity. At one point he even makes some big talk of getting up at first light to prepare a fresh batch of funnel cakes for the throngs of early a.m. garage salers. (Another aside: Claxton's reserve idea for the day was to open a little ice cream booth on the very outer edge of East End and call it, "Custard's Last Stand." I'm much happier that he chose to hunker down  with the garage sale idea because he successfully opened up a lot of new space for me to stash more wool, and wool-related necessities. 
O.K. Back to the free pattern. Long story short (stop it),  I was of little-to-no-help with the garage sale unless, "Don't sell that ice cream maker because I plan to use it this Winter." counts as helpful, and I think it does because I just might really make some ice cream some day and Claxton just might welcome a cup on a frosty night. Even though I was fairly useless it would still be fair to say I was the co-host or trusty side-kick at the garage sale.

Below you will find that I also made you a printable graph:

And here I typed up your very own play-by-play instructions:

I hope the above jpeg  graph and instructions print easily for you and are legible.  If this format is simply too difficult to read then click here and grab the PDF or email me at: thetreadler at hotmail dot com
and let me know. I'll email you back and attach a PDF version. Why? Because I'm filled with the solumn joy that is East End where a pair of used in-line skates and a lovely old bread machine are practically gifted away to one's fellow man in the spirit of the season!

P.S. A great big THANK YOU to Laura M. for pointing out a few corrections to my Row-By-Row directions. Those changes have been made.


Sara Strand said...

Again, the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. Now with this post, the post with your collection of shoes, that you will NEVER wear again, your empty cardboard box fetish- you my friend, have a PROBLEM. :) Don't ever let me come to your house or meet your hubby because I would come up with a deviant plan to rid you of all the things you don't/never use. :) LOL!!! Just ask Matt- I once took a day off work to recycle ALL of his cardboard boxes. He cried in the garage, and I didn't even feel bad. :)

Charlotte Evans said...

I am knitting this Goldfish washcloth for our 7 year old granddaughter. She has a Beta fish and I will put this in her Easter Basket as a gift from Gamma! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS FUN PATTERN :)

bassrn said...

I needed a break from knitting "scarves" and discovered the world of "dish cloths". Your "Goldfish" pattern is my most favorite discovery!! Thank you so much. SDMiracle.