Jan 31, 2010

Results of the Evil Dye Lab Experiment

Well, the fiber addiction has reached a new low.
I could eat this 4 oz. blend of wool and mohair.
Imagine the fur ball I would have to cough up if I did.

Still, part of me thinks it would be worth it.
Is that odd?

I'm not going to eat it. And, (heavy sigh here) I'm not going to spin it either. I've placed it in my little Etsy shop...for now. We'll see how long I can last before I yank it out of there and start spinning.

I think I might need a sponsor ~ someone I can call during moments of weakness. The sad thing about fiberholism is that there is no cure. It's not my fault I'm a fiberholic but, alas, it is my responsibility to control the symptoms.


Sara Strand said...

It's ok. I think I'd probably eat it too. Except would that be kind of like a vegetable? Because I don't *do* vegetables. But it looks like rainbow sherbet! Yum. Now I'm hungry. You can call me but I'm kind of busy staring at scrapbook paper I have no intentions of using. It's too pretty. And that is how Crafters Anon is formed.

Ann said...

Might I ask you how (I know....you aren't going to) you would spin this decadent fiber (weakening yet?) if you were going to spin it?

Will you (scratch that), WOULD you strip it into, and about how many strips? Or will/would you just draft it out from the full width? Guess you can tell I am new to this, and would love to hear your thought process, or see photos as you spin it.....oops, forgot you won't be spinning it. (~_~)

Seriously, you could spin it and say you did it for the betterment and education of newbie spinners. How is that for a great excuse for you to spin it? Can't say I'm not trying to help you out. (~_~)


KarenJ. said...

It's like a cross between the previously mentioned sherbert and cotton candy! How can you possibly help yourself!

I'm not a spinner so I can't begin to imagine how this will look as a yarn. Equally delicious I imagine.