Jan 7, 2010


I think this row-by-row, decide-as-you-go knitted cozy looks a tiny bit like either a broccoli or an asperagus spear. Anyway, it's intended to give off a gardeny vibe.

The top is crocheted from some of the coily novelty yarn I've been unable to stop spinning. Turns out it is not only great fun to make crazy yarn but quite intriguing to play with in projects as well! (Sadly, this realization only exacerbates the overall addiction experience.)

The bulk of my "cozy giftie" for sister Laura was spun using a little, inexpensive, wooden drop spindle which puts me right back on top of my soap box: If you are not yet spinning you really must look into this handy little tool and see how much fun there is to be had twisting up your own unique yarns! Take a walk on the wild side. Delve deeper into the fiber frenzy. I assure you it's harmless.

So, here's the bottom of the cozy:

Just flip it over and voila! Easy access to whatever you deem to be the cozied contents inside!
It could be a candy corn cozy...
or a cashew cozy...

When one lives in Northern Wisconsin and it's -10 deg. F. outside for more than just a few days in a row  it's a comfort to knit anything that has the word "cozy" in it.


Smart Ass Sara said...

You know what else I think I will try to knit if my scarf isn't an epic failure?? Socks. Like warm, gushy socks that aren't itchy. Would it be rude to wear socks and no shoes while at work??

Anonymous said...

It's a little warmer here in Milwaukee, but I need green especially bad right now in my life too! I LOVE this cozy you've created!! BTW,my dad was from Superior. My hubby says that means we MUST retire there. (He's kidding.) Maggle