Nov 19, 2009

To the Drawing Board and Back Again

I hope to create a fun pattern before the end of this year. Here is the initial experiment in various phases from carded fluff at bottom left, to skein and needles, and a quick pair of practice mitts (from a pattern) at top.

The objective: create an original fingerless mitt / texting mitt design for sharing here. At present I'm noodling with different thumb gusset options. The design I'm hoping to birth will be quite different from the above. (So far: hashing out a gauntlet cuff that ruffles and skewed stitches that zig and zag...)

Also ~ other big, big Thanksgiving holiday plans are brewing that involve core spinning yarn with electrical wiring, a soldering iron, LED lights and some extremely colorful 6 inch curly, woolen locks. My daughter is the culprit behind both the fingerless mitts and the electric wool experiments. Yay TEAL! She is also making Turducken for everyone. (As I understand it this is a dish involving a hen inside of a duck that is then nestled into a turkey which means there should be wish bones enough for everyone!)

On another note, the fiber studio now extends into the home kitchen refrigerator where a petri dish and a zip lock bag are resting quietly in the crisper and each contain about a zillion silkworm eggs. The little treasures are in their Winter hybernation. Looks as though silk will be raised on a grand scale next Spring so I best start locating wild mulberry trees now! Lots of mouths to feed.

Sometimes I wonder if my little fiber studio is the wonderful, woolen fortress of solitude I believe it to be or, is it really an evil lair of insanity? (I meant that to be a rhetorical question.)

Anyway, good or evil much of the studio is traveling with me over the river and through the woods for family gatherings and maniacal experimentations involving textiles and turducken. Hope to come back with pictures taken right when the lightening hits the slab bringing the yarn to life. There ought to be some sort of twinkling aftermath to display here upon my return.

"Tell me where is fancy bred,
In the heart or in the head?"


Sara said...

Sounds like your holiday plans are going to be fun! Can't wait to see what comes of your experiment. said...

ohhh, wonderful color,wonderful wool, wonderful wristwarmers!!!

Karen said...

Wow! I just found you by accident (if browsing for patterns falls into that category). Your creations are WONDERFUL! I've added your blog to my very limited "favorites" list as the second yarn/knit blog along with the Yarn Harlot. Thank you for the eye candy!