Oct 6, 2011

Grazie Tanto!

Over the summer months I was contacted by Gaia Gualtieri with Dyeing House Gallery in Tuscany requesting use of my Autumn Leaves Yarn for their web site's Fall Banner http://www.dhgshop.it/

Awhile back Claxton was learning a few phrases here and there of Italian so I asked him if he'd peek at the site and let me know what it was about. He reminded me of what our cute, 6 year old nephew (who is fluent in both Italian and English) said to him last visit, "Be nice to my uncle, he's still learning to talk." (This is all a moot point any way as it turns out the website has a translation button over the banner at the top left.)

I never dreamt while I was spinning this yarn that I would one day be jealous of it getting to go on a virtual trip to Italy and all. (Meanwhile I vacationed in Arkansas this summer.)

So where is this yarn now? Well, I knit it into a very strange hat and donated it for silent auction in support of the the good work being done at Critter Harbor.  It's rather a sad ending though: it seems that while this yarn might be deemed pretty enough for a website banner turns out that nobody actually wants to put a silk leaf yarn-hat on top of their heads.

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