Feb 14, 2010

A Valentine For Clax

This rhymey poem, dear Claxton,
Holds a special thanks from me.
I'm grateful that you tolerate,
 My fiber odd-yssey.

You could have me commited.
It's not that hard to do.
It's not like there's no evidence,
to push the verdict through.

For, if you chose to testify,
(and thus incriminate)
A quick commitment hearing,
would securely seal my fate.

It was you who found our crock pot stuffed,
with wool and walnut hulls.
(They dye a lovely brown that's
colorfast and never dulls.)

And, you know the salad spinner's
only used to spin dry wool.
And, that your brand new shaving brush
is now a fiber tool.

And, how our pasta roller,
Is now my cotton gin.
And that all these crazy antics,
Make you weary, weak and thin.

Yes! You could prove insanity,
Quite easily enough.
And then you would be shed of me...

But, stuck with all my stuff!

Happy Valentine's Day!
So, here is a miniature heart just for Clax. That's right, made entirely of wool that was freshly scoured and then one half dyed a cheery red just this last Friday. The fleece has been spread out on towels drying in our hallway. (Clax has had to take quite a detour to get up and down the staircase but, he'll surely think it all worthwhile when he receives this, his 100th woolen giftie!)


Smart Ass Sara said...

YAY! That red is fantastic! :)

Ayala Art said...

SO pretty! Hope you had a nice day!

KarenJ said...

HI Teresa, The heart was fantastic but it's now nearly four weeks after Valentine's Day and you seemed to have disappeared. Perhaps buried under mounds of fleece? Hope everything is well with you and this just represents an excess of crafting. Be well.