Sep 10, 2009

Raising Silkworms (Again)

Before I launch too far into overzealous enthusiasm let me say I've tried raising silk worms before. The above pictured is my entire harvest from the last effort. The moths never even hatched forth! That time I started out with 200 silkworm eggs, a very cold, dry house and a certain wide-eyed innocence that well, I don't ever seem to shake off because HERE I AM AGAIN!
Stupid Spin Off magazine! Stupid Interweave Press! Seems those people are always "egging" the poor fiber-addicted soul on in some way or another. This time in their Fall 09 issue, that plagued my home last week, there's a fascinating article by Michael Cook on page 44 entitled, "Growing Your Own Silk". He describes the silkworm as, "the world's only truly domesticated insect", and "an amazingly efficient yarn-producing animal". Next thing I know I'm at it again! It would seem that any idiot with a charge card and internet access deserves a second chance. The house is still cold and dry but, this time I'm starting out with 500 silkworm eggs so, I expect to virtually double my success. Couple that with the above pictured bounty and I could be sitting on 9 cocoons by the end of the year!
I informed Claxton that we have about 4 shipping days in which to prepare the nursery. To be honest, my spouse does not appear to be quite as excited as one might expect. But I will admit to his credit that he did listen to a great deal of worm-talk over dinner. He was also agreeable to touring the estate with me whilst deciding where to place the new babies petri dish once they arrived. (The eggs must be kept at a nice, comfortable temperature away from direct sunlight.) When I went on a bit about how I hoped that all 500 eggs hatched and wouldn't it be fun to build a miniature haunted house for the worms to live in at Halloween he blurted a few cussy words, "I really don't give a (cussy word) about these worms or where they live." But that's just the nervous paternal anticipation talking for he was very helpful during the brainstorming session about how we're going to keep the little eggs at a steady 78 to 80 deg F. in a house that likes to hover in the low 60's. He was also agreeable to over 4 different potential locations for the entire operation. Each worm will need its own personal space, and with 500 on the way...well, I've said it before but, these truly are exciting times for The Treadler.

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Smart Ass Sara said...

So they don't just live in a like a big fishtank type thing? Oh well ok- I can understand why hubs might be a little hesitant. :) You should have your hubs doing a guest post on what he thinks about your addicition and how he deals with it! It would probably be really funny!! :)