Jul 22, 2009

The Haunted Spinning Wheel

by Teresa Clayton, The Treadler

Before you go reading much further,
This warning I ask that you heed.
My story is terribly scary,
Be wary before you proceed.
Let's hope that it's presently daytime,
But, if you must read this at night,
Secure every door, every window.
The room should be well lit and bright.
Please, if at some point you are startled,
by noises above or below,
Steer clear of the cellar and attic.
(They're never good places to go.)
What a sign of the times that we live in,
When you notice wherever you look,
there are suddenly so many vampires,
On the T.V. and in every book...
No wonder my trusty, old spinner,
The antique I once did adore,
Should instantly find itself haunted.
(It never was haunted before.)
What proof do I have? I've got nothing.
But, trust me I've not lost my head.
Though, I have no real proof of that either,
(Least, none that supports what I've said).
I just get the feeling it's haunted,
and hypnotically drawing me in.
I cannot stop treadling I tell you!
I spin and I spin and I spin...
Who needs all this yarn? What's the purpose?
Does anyone know what this means?
Am I but a pawn in some cruel master plan,
that revolves around 3 million skeins?

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