Jan 11, 2013

Unfinished Projects

Hard to fall apart when you haven't been put together yet. The photo at left illustrates how far I've gotten with my first ever attempt to make a doll out of cloth...5 years ago. It might be, just maybe, possibly, time to decide whether to move forward with this project, throw it away or, my personal favorite, bury her back in the pile from whence she came.

I think I'll further examine those options (you know, rather than actually running the risk of doing something with this). If I figure out where I left off and what my next step is and then pursue it the thing might not turn out the way I picture it in my mind. I'd not enjoy replacing that picture with a less fortunate reality.

As it is I can look at these assorted parts and think, "Ah, what potential I have here for an awesome doll!" 

Sometimes I don't think that. Sometimes I just enjoy contemplating, "Whoever the children pay to empty this house out after I'm gone might find it kind of creepy that I have a lunch bag of muslin body parts tucked in between old weaving magazines and a phone book collection." (It will toughen their resolve for when they discover the bag of dog hair I've been asked to spin.)

Then there's the option of throwing the cloth doll project away. If I do that when I'm already fairly happy with the progress made only 5 short years ago...well, it would be like saying, "I never, ever plan to make a cloth doll." and, I'm just not ready to say that!

So, as anyone can see, I'm duty-bound to do nothing. And, since I'm tired of thinking about this all together, I should tuck it completely out of sight.

There. Problem solved. While I'm on a roll I should figure out where I can tuck a half-warped floor loom out of sight. (I'm getting tired of imagining how great those waffle towels are going to look someday.)

Jan 5, 2013

Crazy Bird Woman

Dusty Bluebottoms
Suffering seagull feathers, it's another New Year. 'Tis the time to think about TIME specifically, this new calendar year and what might be done (I mean to say, "accomplished") over the span of these 12 months, before yet another New Year declares itself.

It is tricky business setting goals when my main focus is to be more present in the moment at hand and enjoy what is going on now.  And, I've been having modest success with this. Every so often I actually wake up and remember to pull my thoughts out of some wacky what-if scenario involving what I'll do if a dog attacks me next Tuesday while I'm out for a jog, if I go for a jog, and realize the present moment is Saturday morning, I'm peeling carrots and I just peeled my finger.

Last Tuesday I was out jogging while thinking about what if I was able to always remain in the present moment when I found myself running out in front of a car. The present moment tends to elude me.

But, the New Year is a good time to stop and intentionally look backward and then forward and set some nice goals, so long as one is only setting goals and not crossing roads or peeling things at the same time.

Looking backward - 2012
  •  I have successfully initiated about 50 more unfinished fiber projects and successfully added them to the work-in-progress pile. Why is starting a new project so much more fun than finishing an old one? Can it be that starting a new project is simply a method of procrastinating the completion of its predecessor? No.  Forget I asked that. Where was I?
  • Oh yes. I had my appendix removed. This was an unplanned project but, certainly I would be dead if it had not been accomplished by somebody else (I did not perform the surgery - and thank goodness the surgeon is one for finishing those projects that he starts). This adventure may have resulted in some hearing loss in my right ear because...
  •  While recovering from surgery I convinced my husband I needed a lovebird and he got me one. Her picture is at top of this post. She's very agile, terribly cute, eats spinach, popcorn and sunflower seeds out of my hand and has the most piercing, shrill tweet you ever experienced. I do believe she is quieting down some though, now that my eardrums no longer function at full capacity. I never thought I'd hear myself say that (ha, ha).
  • My jokes have gotten stupider...which is saying something.
Looking forward - 2013
  • Learn and experiment with new fiber techniques. I'm afraid this may involve creating a new work-in-progress pile but, I think I have what it takes to accomplish that. Starting a new pile is mostly a matter of ignoring Claxton when he says things like, "We're running out of real estate." or hints at wishing he had a place to set down his coffee cup. Thankfully, who can hear him over all the bird squalor!
  • Teach a class and take a class. I'll be leading a couple of fun little by-member-for-member classes for the Duluth Fiber Handcrafters Guild in February related to fiber preparation and novelty spinning. AND, I hope very much to participate in this week long adventure in September:The Slow Felt Movement, Resist Dyed Felt Books and Brooches. If this adventure pans out I might need to set a goal of creating 3 or 4 new work-in-progress piles!
  • Lastly, try to downplay this bird situation before I acquire an ugly nickname. Now that we have Quercus (parakeet) and noisy old Dusty (lovebird named for her ability to stir it up) and, ever since I collected and successfully dyed many a seagull feather... 

Seagull Feathers Permanently Dyed 
(Simmered in Kool Aid and vinegar)
...Anyway, it occurs to me that these sorts of escapades can result in an unwanted nickname. I don't want to be the "crazy bird lady". But, much like the present moment, a more desireable nickname such as the "smart, pretty girl" continues to elude me.